86% of Businesses Still Using Paper-based Forms

Many analysts, consultants, and industry pundits (myself included) are fond of pointing out the extent to which the health sector lags other industries with respect to the use and adoption of information technology.  Given this common perspective, I was intrigued to read about a recent survey sponsored by Anoto, a company which developed and sells a digital pen that converts handwritten text into digital form.

According to Anoto’s research,”86% of businesses are still using paper-based forms in either their own business or in their clients’ business”.  If Anoto’s data is anywhere close to accurate, it appears that other industries are suffering from similar challenges to the health sector in digitizing business processes.  Other interesting survey results include:

  • “45% said the use of paper-based forms over the last five years has either increased or stayed the same”
  • “38% said they are planning to incorporate new solutions, particularly the iPad, into their business processes for data capture”

Even though I am somewhat leery of vendor surveys as they often have a bias towards the company’s products, I thought that the seemingly high dependence on paper forms was worth mentioning and mirrors my experience with many companies with whom I deal.


One response to “86% of Businesses Still Using Paper-based Forms

  1. Paper forms are an enormous waste of time and energy. This is the 21st century, we have the tools and technology to implement electronic forms along with smart patient information systems to manage the data. Corporations and private businesses have been doing this for years, its time for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to catch up. Read more on our blog at http://blog.aisww.com

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