US Gov’t Debuts Mobile App Store

Check out the new US gov’t mobile apps site.  According to the site:

“An app, short for “application,” is a tool that helps you accomplish a task or find information. The apps in the app store are designed to work on your mobile phone. Some need to be downloaded to your phone while others can be accessed using your phone’s web browser.”

The site appears to aggregate mobile apps from a variety of sources, both public and private sector, that are somehow related to the mandate of a US gov’t dept.  According to a mobihealthnews article, there are four health related mobile apps on the site including a BMI calculator from the National Institutes of Health, a drug information tool (MedlinePlus Mobile) from the National Institutes of Health, a nutrition information app (MyFood-a-Pedia) from the US Dept of Agriculture, and a tool to check the UV index and air quality from the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is not yet clear what value a mobile application aggregation site offers from the US government offers.  However, I find it a positive sign that the US government is taking notice of mobile apps and is promoting their use.


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