Give me the damn data!

For the past few months I have been spending considerable time researching the issues and concerns of physicians and patients.  As I read Rosie Lombardi’s insightful article in the most recent edition Technology for Doctors, I was struck by the similarity between what physicians and patients both want … better access to personal health information.  In particular, Dr. Anne Doig’s comments in Rosie’s article was particularly poignant:

“Many doctors who implemented EMRs said, ‘We wish we could connect properly to other medical entities but we can’t – but we’ll implement electronic records to serve our needs internally.’ So all those EMRs are functioning in isolation from each other.”

Although their reasons may differ, both physicians and patients seem to have a similar rallying cry – “Give me the damn data!”  The common denominator in both cases is the role that IT can play in making the data they need to deliver care and manage their health.


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