Use of Social Media by Canadian Healthcare

Ken Tremblay is CEO at Peterborough Regional Health Centre  (PRHC), a Canadian healthcare organization that is embracing social media.  I have been following Mr. Tremblay’s blog for several months and noted today they have set up a twitter account (@phrc1).   According to their blog post on this topic, ….embracing change includes communicating in the medium of the day. We must stay in touch, and be in charge of at least some of what is said about our institution.” They also note that “this all new” and that they will becreating some policies and procedures for our use of social media – perhaps leading the way for other hospitals.”

I’d like to start tracking which Canadian healthcare organizations have embraced social media in some way.  If you are aware any such organizations, please let me know.  I will devise some scheme to share this information.


3 responses to “Use of Social Media by Canadian Healthcare

  1. Hi Mike,

    As Health Care Social Media Canada grows, you will be able to easily find health organizations that are actively involved in social media.

    I’ve also created a Twitter list that you may find useful. I have listed people and organizations who I think may be interested in #hcsmca.

  2. Mike, Trillium Gift of Life has a blog. There are no doubt extensions from it, for example, Patients Like Me & Rate My MD.
    Thanks for pointing out Ken Tremblay’s Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s blog. I am resident of Peterborough and I am not aware of what is going on in my backyard. (I’ll blame it on early mornings pursuing PACS Migration & Discharge Letters to Primary Care efforts in the UK)

  3. The Asthma Society of Canada maintains a twitter site (@asthmasociety), a Facebook page, and a blog at

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