Australian eHealth Summit

First brought to my attention by fellow blogger Heather Leslie on Twitter, it seems that the Australian Health Department is organizing E-Health: Revolutionising Australia’s Healthcare at the end of November.  According to an article in The Australian:

Ms Roxon described the Melbourne event as “a landmark forum” with representatives from governments, industry, the private and public sectors, clinicians and consumers attending.

“It will be an important opportunity for cross-sector collaboration and discussion around the design, implementation and vision for future capabilities,” she said.

A post on the eHealth Central blog notes that:

Ms Roxon and Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, will address the conference, which Ms Roxon described  as “an important opportunity for stakeholders to discuss how Electronic health and telehealth will drive the delivery of health care into the future”.

As in the US, it seems that eHealth has the attention of senior politicians in Australia.  It will be interesting to see how participants to the conference are selected and whether technology is used to allow as wide participation as possible.



One response to “Australian eHealth Summit

  1. anonymous (author confirmed)

    Yes but note that eHealth central is sponsored by the same body running the conference (NEHTA) and tends to fairly pro NEHTA. The real issue is that the federal government made eHealth an election issue versus the now opposition who stated that they would not fund eHealth at all. The Labor government now has to be seen to deliver on their promise despite the opinion of many in Australia that insufficient time (2 years) and money (AUD 466.7 million) have been allocated to allow the delivery of a result.

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