Vendor Engagement at the SouthWest LHIN

A few weeks ago I had a chance to chat with Glenn Lanteigne, the new CIO for the SouthWest LHIN.  I have known Glenn for several years and welcomed the opportunity to hear about how he was settling into his new role.

During our conversation Glenn told me about what I think is a novel and very useful initiative.   Each Friday, Glenn is hosting a vendor session during which vendors who have schedule an appointment get to meet with him and his staff.  These sessions provide an opportunity for Glenn to keep the vendor community informed about his plans and priorities and to learn about what the vendors have to offer.  By offering vendors the opportunity to meet with him individually, Glenn hopes to encourage more of dialog than is typically possible in larger vendor information sessions.

I also note that Glenn is putting his foot in the social media waters by tweeting.  I do hope that he will also consider starting a blog in the near future.  I’d be very interested to read about the experiences of a new CIO and see the LHIN through his eyes as the “new kid” on the block.




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