Another Interesting Social Media Initiative

When asked about social media many people will mentionTwitter or Facebook or even LinkedIn. Mentioned less often is Wikis, a technology that allows multiple people to contribute to developing on-line information resources. According an article in Healthcare IT News, HIMSS has launched a CPOE wiki “with the goal of bringing data, documents and guidelines on meeting and exceeding meaningful use in one location”. The article quotes HIMSS Enterprise CPOE Workgroup chairman Dr. Paul Kleeberg as saying “Physicians, nurses, implementation staff, pharmacists and anyone supporting the adoption and use of CPOE can find and contribute valuable information resources on the wiki.”

HIMSS use of wikis offers yet another example of the many different ways that social media can be used to engage members of a community.   Do you have any interesting examples of how social media that you’d like to share?


3 responses to “Another Interesting Social Media Initiative

  1. Thanks for sharing this Mike. It’s great to see initiatives like this to share information to increase awareness of CPOEs and to celebrate successes. I think one tangible barrier to adoption is the lack of awareness of the positive developments in eHealth and Health IT. I think it is an important step to address this is to provide information to dispel misconceptions of technologies. I also like how they plan to have a adoption statistics to monitor growth.

    Theoretically this is a great idea. My only criticism is how do you get the intended audience to actually use it? It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


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