“Innovation has some risks. Take some risks.”

James Norrie, associate dean of Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Business, recently offered CIOs and other gathered for a recent CIO Canada Exchange conference advice about innovation.   According to an article in IT World Canada,  Mr. Norrie stated that “innovation isn’t about strategy” and “Strategy is about what your company does, or differs from competitors. Innovation is about how strategy gets executed.”     He further advised the participants that “Innovation has some risks.  Take some risks.”

What does Mr. Norrie’s presentation have to do with eHealth?  Well, at the recent OHA eHealthAchieve conference, I heard more than one person talk about the need for more innovation in the application of IT to healthcare.   According to Mr. Norrie, innovation requires risk-taking which implies the occasional failure.   So, if you accept Mr. Norrie’s contention that we need to take some risks in order to innovate, then we also need to celebrate failure and to share the lesson learned.




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