The EMR/EHR Application Store

Mark and I have watched Apple and other mobile vendors create and support developer ecosystems with open APIs (application program interfaces) and application stores and have mused that a similar approach would be of considerable benefit in the health sector.  Well, it seems that Allscripts listened to us! Well, OK, they probably don’t know who we are but, watching the mobile application market, reached a similar conclusion.

According to information posted on the Allscripts web site, the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) will “provide registered, approved members of our Allscripts Developer Program software development kits to enable clients and third parties to natively write applications on the Helios by Allscripts™ platform and integrate with other Allscripts applications.”  Helios is “an industry-defining open architecture platform that is designed to allow healthcare organizations to utilize best-of-breed applications in an integrated environment with Sunrise enterprise solutions.

Rather than depend on its own R&D team to conceive and develop every possible application that their clients might need, Allscripts will leverage the resources (both financial and human) of its partners to accelerate innovation and better serve its clients.  Mark and I believe that a similar approach could accelerate “meaningful use” of EMRs by Canadian physicians by encouraging the development of new and interesting applications that make creative use of data stored in an EMR.


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