Doctors Will Prescribe Mobile Apps

A recent article in Healthcare IT News examines the results of a survey conducted by research2guidance.  The results of this survey suggests that  “in five years the major distribution channel will be doctors prescribing or suggesting applications to patients as a component of treatment.

Respondents to the research2guidance survey felt the most effective mobile app distribution channels today are:

  • App stores – 53%
  • Healthcare websites – 49%
  • Doctors – 34%
  • Hospitals – 31%
  • Pharmacies – 16%

This mix will change dramatically in 5 years according to respondents, with healthcare providers growing importance as follows:

  • Hospitals – 68%
  • Doctors – 65%
  • Healthcare websites – 56%

The survey results support Mark’s and my contention that physicians are a key gateway for many eHealth applications, particularly those that interact with patients.   For example, we believe that the most successful PHR applications will be those that are recommended by the physician.  Since many of these applications will use personal health data collected and managed by the physician, EMR software will play a critical role in the eHealth ecosystem.



2 responses to “Doctors Will Prescribe Mobile Apps

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  2. Mike, thanks for the post. I agree that is is the future of true mHealth Apps. Currently it is very difficult for a patient or provider to find useful well written apps on the store and markets.

    Jeff Brandt

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