Infoway launches blog

With little fanfare, Canada Health Infoway recently put a toe in the social media waters with the launch of its new blog; check it out by clicking the “blog” link on the Infoway home page (

I have been making the case (some say I am “advocating while others are suggesting that I nagging or even badgering) for increased use of social media by organizations such as Infoway and eHealth Ontario for the better part of the past year.  As it turns out, these organizations are proceeding slowly and cautiously.  Given the pitfalls and dangers that accompany the many benefits of using social media, their methodical approach to implementing social media is understandable.

I encourage you to read and contribute to the Infoway blog; I have already posted several comments.  Social media works best when there is an active conversation and I know that the people responsible for social media at Infoway truly want to create an active dialog with as wide a group of stakeholders as possible. So, here is your chance to put them to the test!



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