Courtyard Acquired by Telus Health?

Rumours have been floating for weeks that the Courtyard Group. a Toronto-based health IT consultancy, would be acquired by Telus Health.  Although I cannot find any formal announcement regarding a deal between the two organizations, there are several strong indications that some sort of deal has been reached:

  • David Wattling and Michael Guerriere are each listed on the Telus Health site as “Vice-President, Transformation Services”
  • The Courtyard Group web site has been replaced by a single page directing people to contact for more information about the company.



4 responses to “Courtyard Acquired by Telus Health?

  1. Clueless here. Why are they relevant?

  2. I can confirm that courtyard has been aquired by Telus.

    Best thing they can do is keep this off the radar. Talk about the disaster for telus if word breaks that courtyard has got another e-Health contract just under another name!

  3. Vadim, FYI…. Courtyard was the consultant group behind the whole E-Health scandal. $2600 a day, and $2 for their tim hortons coffee!

  4. I know many people who were at Courtyard … some great consultants! I think that they will be a good addition to Telus Health. Let’s leave the Courtyard Group name and associated “baggage” where it belongs – in the past. Time to move on.

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