Trouble in Canadian EMR market?

Since the start of the new year I have heard about significant management changes at a number of Canadian EMR vendors.  The most recent such change is the departure of Healthscreen’s CEO, Justin Belobaba. According to a media release dated March 4th, 2011, Mr. Belobaba has been replaced by Mr. Stewart Davis, Healthscreen’s Chief Operating Officer.

Although few details regarding the reasons for these management changes are publicly available, there are rumours that financial pressures and poor sales results are a contributing factors.  As the industry exhausts the early adopter and early mainstream physicians, are they encountering increased difficulties selling their solutions to the more skeptical and demanding late mainstream and laggard physicians?  Were provincial government forecasts for physician adoption of EMRs overly optimistic?


3 responses to “Trouble in Canadian EMR market?

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  2. I am sorry to hear about the fate of Justin Belobaba. My perception is that a number of the EMR vendors are being hit with unexpectedly high development and sales costs. This is due primarily to annual new sets of government-imposed technical requirements that are proving to be quite onerous to comply with. For vendors operating in more than one province and faced with multiple sets of requirements, the challenge is immense. Combined with the fight for market share, which has led some vendors to sell for less than their costs, the bottom lines of many EMR companies are taking a hit. This is a recipe for a market shake-out over the next few years.

  3. I’m pretty technically proficient but I don’t yet have an EMR. Of your two descriptions, I’d rather be described as demanding. I’d be careful referred to anyone as laggard. If the product were better and less expensive many more doctors would come on board.

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