New Brunswick issues RFI for EMR program

I noticed today that the government of New Brunswick has issued an RFI to “identify suppliers who can demonstrate their competency and capability to deliver a comprehensive solution to assist the Department of Health in implementing an integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution.”

According to the RFI, “the New Brunswick Electronic Medical Record initiative is made up of three key components, each with their specific project plans.  The three component projects in the EMR initiative include the following:
1.  Phase I – NB Program Plan Development
2.  Phase II – NB EMR Solution Implementation
3.  Phase III – NB EMR Integration

The RFI explains that NB is considering three different architectural models:

  • Standalone EMR (installed / operated in physicians office)
  • External EMR (EMR operated as an ASP by the vendor)
  • Internal EMR (installed / operated within the Provinces infrastructure)

The RFI, part of phase I,  states that the end goal of this process is to “issue  one RFP (or possibly  a  series of  Requests  for Proposals  (RFPs)  for the different project phases).”

You can download a free copy of the RFI at the NB tenders site.


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