eHealth Lonely Hearts Club Band Rocks eHealth 2011

For as long as I have been attending the annual Canadian eHealth conference (known to many “old timers” as the COACH conference), the Blues Night has been the place where people at all levels let their hair down (those who still have hair) and have a good time.  Heck, I still remember dancing with Linda Miller in Quebec City.  Where else can do you get the chance to boogey with an Assistant Deputy Minister?

This year, the blue’s night organizers had a special treat in store.  In addition to the professional musicians, the opening act was a group of well known eHealth leaders with varying levels of music ability.   The “eHealth Lonely Hearts Club Band” served up a short set of familiar songs (at least for me, but then again, my hair has turned grey).  While the melodies might have been familiar, the lyrics to several songs were modified to have special relevance to audience.  I will post the lyrics as separate blog posts.

If you look at pictures of the audience, you can see me, beer in hand, singing along with the band.   I thoroughly enjoyed the band’s performance and
hope that we can get the band together again next year.   If we do,  I will be there again, in the front row, singing my heart out.




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