B Social – Social Media Funding Program

As a general rule I separate my blogging activities from my work activities. Indeed, when asked in social media meet ups (virtually or in person), I describe myself as a “sales & marketing executive by day, eHealth commentator by night”.   Today I’d like to break that rule for what  hope you will feel is a good reason.

As part of my day job I was asked to think about how my employer, B Sharp Technologies, could use social media to our best advantage.  As I thought about the matter I realized that many of the organizations that we wanted to engage were not yet using social media for work purposes.   To help build these online communities B Sharp has launched a social media funding program that we call B Social.  Up to $2,500 will be awarded during each funding round, with two rounds planned per year.

The first round of the B Social program closes this Friday, June 17th.  While interest has been quite high (based on the number of positive comments I have heard), we have not received as many applications as we would like.  I encourage any healthcare organization planning a new social media initiative to have a look at applying to the B Social program.



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