Guest Post: David Denov, candidate for COACH Board of Directors

Guest post from David Denov, candidate for COACH Board of Directors:

I am pleased to be running for a seat on the COACH Board of Directors, and would very much appreciate the opportunity to earn your vote!

My extensive and varied professional experiences make me very well qualified to participate and contribute as an active member on the COACH Board of Directors. I have:
• Spent the last 16 years in healthcare informatics roles in large and small organizations, both in the public and private sectors
• Gained both breadth and depth of healthcare informatics knowledge and perspective at almost all organizational levels and in varying contexts
• Recently worked extensively within Telemedicine and would also bring to bear a clear and thorough understanding of tele-technology and what is necessary to integrate Telemedicine with other eHealth delivery channels

I am also a strong facilitator with a history of leading successful teams, and I have the ability to stay focused on the strategic, without losing sight of the tactical approaches that will be required in order to help direct COACH’s programs and resources.

With this unique blend of experience and skills, I would bring an innovative point of view and a deep understanding of both the healthcare industry as well as health informatics to the COACH Board. I bring structure and clear logical thinking as well as a strategic mind-set to all problem solving opportunities. Most importantly, I am very passionate about healthcare informatics and am a strong advocate of COACH and the work that it does for its members.

It is my sincere hope, in my capacity as a COACH Board member, that I will be able to positively affect change within the Health Informatics profession, and that I will be able to continue to work with and support your needs as members.


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