Guest Post: Glenn Lanteigne, candidate for COACH Board of Directors

Glenn Lanteigne, CIO for the SouthWest LHIN in Ontario, offers the following commentary on why he believes is qualified to serve as a COACH board member:


Why do you want to join the COACH Board of Directors at this point in your career?

COACH is an organization that I have supported over the years while in progressively more senior leadership roles in both the private and public sector.   At this point in my career and as CIO of the South West LHIN, I wish to apply my broad and varied experience developing and leading high performance teams in the health informatics landscape.  I am uniquely equipped to contribute in a meaningful way by balancing and representing all of the COACH community and make a difference by leveraging my experience in and insight into the overall system of care.   Combined with my open and approachable leadership style, I am confident I will be an asset to COACH Board when it comes to addressing  current and future sector challenges – and I look forward to representing you on the Board.  

What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the COACH Board?

Those that know me professionally as the CIO of a Crown Agency involved in the management and delivery of health care for almost 4 million Ontarians would say I bring a broad, non-partisan, system wide understanding of the health care system and the health informatics community; that I am a team builder, a leader by example and a strategist by nature. Those that know me personally would say I’m energetic, passionate and enthusiastic – about leadership, about affecting positive change, and about the industry that I work in.  I am an MBA/MHA, Honours Economics, Six Sigma Black Belt with 20 years of progressive experience that spans the health care spectrum in both the public and the private sector, including experience across: Regional care, acute care, community care, primary care and consumer care at the provincial, national and international levels. In terms of contributions, I have diverse experience in vendor/private organizations and promote the view of private – public partnerships to support health care delivery, innovation and change for the better in the eHealth community.  By way of example, I point to an engagement process I introduced called Vendor Fridays which contributes to the public and private sectors working  more closely together on eHealth solutions to healthcare issues.

 In addition to being bilingual in English and French,  I am an ex-Tank Commander (as you can imagine, there’s more than a few parallels between the battlefield and  the eHealth and healthcare informatics landscape).

 What COACH committees, task groups or activities have you volunteered on in the past 5 years and what were your most significant contributions to COACH’s work?

  1. Member of CHIEF:  Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum
  2. Member of COACH’s Pan Canadian Governance Task Group
  3. Ongoing activity of addressing critical business issues, building leadership and forging relationships, enabling peer dialogue and debate and mentoring others in the COACH community
  4. Provided leadership within Canada and acts as an active promoter of COACH nationally and internationally
  1. Active contributor to eHealth conferences as speaker
  2. Contributor to the Interoperability Showcase at the eHealth Conference

What other board appointments or relevant leadership experiences have you had in the past 5 years?

  1. CIO at South West LHIN
  2. Chair of the South West LHIN eHealth Steering Committee
  3. Executive Lead for connecting South West Ontario (cSWO)
  4. Chair of the South Western Ontario eHealth Delivery Council and Steward of the South Western Ontario eHealth Oversight Committee
  5. Chair of the Erie St. Clair – South West LHIN Clinical Connect Viewer Project

Do you currently have your CPHIMS-CA credential? 

I am committed to achieving my CPHIMS-CA.

Brief biography including highlights of experience and expertise in Health Informatics

Glenn Lanteigne joined the South West LHIN as chief information officer in 2010 and is responsible for electronic and information sharing initiatives to promote, maintain and improve health care delivery throughout the region.  His first task was the creation and implementation of a shared LHIN-wide eHealth strategic plan to ensure an integrated, aligned, and community-responsive health care system; prior to joining the LHIN, Glenn was the director, healthcare at TELUS Healthcare Solutions providing overall strategic leadership for a full range of business and electronic health initiatives in regional care, acute care, community care, primary care, home care and consumer care.  Glenn’s current focus is governance reform, cost savings, and support the care reform needed to sustain healthcare delivery.  

Glenn has also held leadership roles with the Federal Government,  ECLIPSYS (now Allscripts), CLINICARE (now a QHR Technologies company) and GE Medical Systems (now GE Healthcare), TELUS Health Solutions, spoken at major eHealth conferences and is routinely quoted in health informatics publications.

What segments within our COACH community do you feel you can best represent?







& Research













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