eHealth Ontario Update

Having written about eHealth Ontario’s decision to scrap the Diabetes Registry – one of the agency’s more high profile projects judging by CEO Greg Reed’s references to it during his first year – I was curious to learn more about the state of other eHealth Ontario projects. Since I was having difficulty tracking down up-to-date information on these other projects, I jumped on the opportunity to hear Fariba Rawhani, Senior VP Development and Delivery, speak at the recent itHealthcare conference sponsored by HIMSS Ontario. Since Ms. Rawhani’s presentation is unlikely to be made publicly available, I decided to share what I heard and managed to write down in my monthly “Technology for Doctors” column.  Check it out here.


2 responses to “eHealth Ontario Update

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this info Michael. It is truly regrettable that we have to rely on the notes taken by one of our own at an executive presentation. Most organizations go to great lengths to manage how their message is communicated. Yet eHealth makes it virtually impossible to learn about their plans, leaving individuals to piece together the bits and pieces of info from second-hand word-of-mouth second hand reports by audience members. Not very bright.

  2. Great article! I was at the HIMSS meeting and felt the presentation was very informative. I agree that it is regrettable that information about eHealth Ontario’s strategic plans is not more readily available.

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