Skeuomorphs, metaphors, and EMR design

For the past two decades, legions of computer users learned how to create files, place them in folders, and dispose of them in a trash can. They used their computers to send messages by placing them in a virtual envelope addressed to their recipients. The desktop and mail metaphor provided new computer users with a context and frame of reference they were familiar with and helped them learn how to make effective use of their computer. However, the days of relying on metaphors based on paper-based processes when designing software may soon be coming to an end.

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One response to “Skeuomorphs, metaphors, and EMR design

  1. Great article with regards to the future of EMRs. Agree with Shashid N. Shah when he says ‘The best EMRs will be those that become the central ‘dashboard’ around the most complex healthcare..’ Except I don’t believe they will become the central dashboard but just the central internal data repository. The EMR of today will become irrelevant as we see more and more specialized subsystems become the end-user focus of the health system. Today’s major hospitals are too entrenched in their current EMR and can not afford to change, but they can afford to interface and exchange information. New specialty systems will come (and go) and provide the end-user with the current in fashion metaphors whatever they may be.

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