Can Apple possibly transform healthcare?

As I take my weekly train trek home to Ottawa, I can’t help but notice that early everyone in my car is using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (and, in some cases, several of these devices at the same time.) While their activities vary, many are unwinding after a long day by watching a movie or a TV show (the lady next to me is catching up on past episodes of Grey’s Anatomy), reading a book, or listening to music. Each of these industries has been transformed, in some cases quite radically, by Apple. Can Apple do the same for healthcare?

See the remainder of this article at Technology for Doctors


One response to “Can Apple possibly transform healthcare?

  1. Hi Michael,

    Great article in Tech for Doctors. I agree with you. As patients get access to data about themselves and have access to apps that can help them interpret it, play with it, predict things about themselves, it’s bound to have a positive impact.

    I just finished a book chapter on how patients and physicians can work together to use eTools more effectively for better health.

    There’s a very nice literature on things that are effective in getting patients more engaged with their own health. Not all are.

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