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Use of Social Media by UK Secretary of State for Health

I have written several blog posts over the past few months about the use of social media by the Office of National Coordinator for Health IT in the US.  I recently discovered that the new gov’t in the UK is also making aggressive use of social media.  Check out a recent blog post by Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, in which he invites comments on a recently released consultation document entitled “Liberating the NHS: An Information Revolution”. In this blog post, Mr. Lansley notes:

“We need information about health and care services to be more innovative.  Information cannot be just another bureaucratic process within the care system. We want better information for our professionals too – so we can help them improve services and achieve healthcare outcomes that are among the best in the world.”

He also makes it clear that his department needs “to hear your views to help achieve these changes” and offers several mechanisms for doing so: