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In Support of Hacking for Health

“If you never change your mind, why have one?” Edward de Bono.

Are hackathons useful in the health sector? In an article I wrote late last year, I admitted that I was still “on the fence.” Never one to be comfortable sitting on the fence, I have continued to explore this question and have slowly reached the conclusion that hackathons indeed have a role to play in driving the development of new health IT solutions and perhaps, more importantly, breaking down barriers that impede innovation.

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Hackathons for Health: Useful process or passing fad?

Several people have recently asked my opinion about the value of hackathons targeted at the healthcare market. In each case I hesitated to answer, heeding my mother’s advice “to say nothing at all if you have nothing nice to say.” Making negative comments about an event at which people donate their time just didn’t feel right. Yet, for all the good intentions of those involved, I am not yet sold on the value of hackathons for the Canadian healthcare system, at least as they are currently constituted.

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