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CMA Unveils 5-Year HIT Strategy

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) today unveiled their new five-year strategy for HIT investment in Canada.   This strategy is a key component of the CMA’s Health Care Transformation Change That Works, Care That Lasts initiative launched in August.

The CMA HIT strategy advocates for more spending on health IT at the point of care.  The strategy document points out that:

“To date, major HIT investments have not had much impact on the delivery of care in Canada, mainly because the current investment strategies do not mirror how care is provided. The top-down approach taken thus far focuses the majority of investment on large-scale HIT systems and architecture, with only a small portion targeted to supporting frontline points of care.”

As shown in the figure below, CMA’s strategy is based on three key pillars: Significant Adoption, Effective Use, and Accelerated Exchange of Health Information, which, together, will drive specific and measurable objectives.

Framework for activity (HIT investments)

I encourage you to read the CMA 5-Year HIT Strategy.  It reflects the considered thinking of an important stakeholder group, one that for many years was accused of resisting HIT adoption. The CMA’s 5-Year HIT Strategy demonstrates a clear understanding of the benefits that HIT has to offer and suggests a path towards quicker returns on HIT investments.