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Good times ahead for healthcare IT vendors?

INPUT, a U.S. based market research and consulting firm with a focus on the public sector market, predicts that “the U.S. health IT market will experience ‘disruptive change’ as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and national health care legislation increase the need for innovative health care technology that also reduces costs”. In a press release announcing INPUT’s Health IT Transformation 2009-2014 (http://www.input.com/corp/press/detail.cfm?news=1430), the company notes that “Health care reform will continue to drive growth in critical health care IT segments such as EHR, health information/decision support systems and claims processing”.

Of particular interest is the significant change that INPUT predicts that ongoing health care reform initiatives will drive, including:

  1. The demand for IT systems that enable the federal government to transition from a “pay-for-service” to a “pay-for-performance” compensation model;
  2. A progression in health care standards, certifications and interoperability, which are key in facilitating the information sharing that is critical for cost savings;
  3. Advanced information security; and
  4. Evolution in the “medical home” regarding such things as mobile monitoring devices and telehealth.

While excitement regarding eHealth continues to grow in the US, the situation in Canada is much more subdued.  Everyone seems to be holding their breath waiting for the Ontario Auditor General’s report on the “eHealth Scandal”.  What do we need to do to regain momentum and get people focused on the possibilities rather the missteps?