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Use of Social Media for Patient Engagement

The latest Ipsos Interactive Reid Report offers some fascinating insights into the channels that people use for text communication.  While many of us in the health sector may still rely on email for text communications, there appears to be an overall movement away from email in favour of other text communications including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Messenger, and Blackberry Messenger.

According to the report, the average number of emails that Canadians receive in a week declined by 35% in a little over a year.  Study author and Ipsos Reid Associate Vice-President Mark Laver notes:

“These findings also have significant implications for those businesses that rely on email marketing for some or all of their business. These companies should be evaluating to see if social media platforms are an effective method for distributing their message.”

As the health sector rushes to catch up with other industries in use of electronic communications with their clients / patients, the choice of electronic communication medium needs to be carefully considered.  While many people have been encouraging physicians to communicate with patients via e-mail, we should be careful to not favour one form of electronic communications technology over another.  Technology continues to evolve rapidly and we need to be mindful of the shifts in user preference that technology changes engender.