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Healthvault strategy revisited

A post on a Microsoft Developer network blog points out that “In reality, there is no change in strategy – HealthVault is part of Microsoft overall business, but was never intended to ‘make a profit’ on it as a standalone product in the United States”. Rather, the post goes on to say:

HealthVault is an important  part, together with Amalga of Microsoft  end-to-end strategy for connecting care across the healthcare ecosystem. Together with other Microsoft solutions and partner solutions, it enables  integration of multiple sources of information and knowledge across the continuum of care … HealthVault in the US is Microsoft  “model home” for innovation in the ecosystem.

This view is consistent with Healthvault presentations that I have attended over the past few years.  Microsoft representatives were very clear that they did not see making a profit on Healthvault in the US.   I still find it interesting that they believe that they can generate a profit offering Healtvault in publicly funded healthcare systems but not in the home of “user pay” healthcare.  Or, perhaps I am just being cynical 🙂


Patient access to electronic health information

I have been ranting for several years about the need to provide a link between existing electronic health information systems and personal health record applications.  Seems that this issue has hit the attention of the media:


What’s it gonna take to give people electronic copies of their health information so they can  populate their own personal health applications, much as the banks already do with applications like Quicken or Microsoft Money?  As I have said many times before, it is MY data, damn it, and I should be able to use it in any way that I see fit.

Thoughts?  Comments?