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myhospitalidea.com – Social Media and Ontario Hospitals

Just attended a webcast on a new OHA initiative – myhospitalidea.com.  This initiative was developed collaboratively with the Innovation Cell at the University of Toronto and provides a platform that hospitals can use to learn from the communities that they serve as well as the ones that they don’t currently serve.  By giving hospitals access to real-time discussions among various constituents in the communities that they serve, myhospitalidea.com can gather information that will help them find new and more effective ways to serve these people.

Neil Seeman from the Innovation Cell offered insight into the concepts underlying myhospitalidea.com.   According to Neil, the main problem driving myhospitalidea.com is good ideas get buried due to fragmented communities.  myhospitalidea.com will provide a collaborative community that provides a vehicle for exposing ideas to a wider audience and challenging organizations to consider these ideas.

There are three goals for myhospitalidea.com:

  • Share ideas
  • Issue regular challenges
  • Publicize leading innovations and innovators  (build network effect)

The Innovation Cell is establishing a “Collaboration Council” to provide feedback and advice as well as champion myhospitalidea.com in their communities.   They are hoping to have four to six organizations representing a broad variety of hospital types (small, teaching, community, etc) on the council.

The OHA and the Innovation Cell are hoping to begin a six month trial on the websites of Collaboration Council members, with system-wide launch in the summer of 2011.

As I have noted in other blog posts, Canadian healthcare organizations are cautiously approaching social media and still seem to have many concerns about the value of social media.  myhospitalidea.com, with OHA backing and support, is a positive move in encouraging use of social media by Ontario hospitals.