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Healthvault lands in Germany

A little more than a year ago I attended Microsoft session on Healthvault and asked about their business model; ie, how did they plan to make money?  Part of the answer involved licensing deals in countries with publicly funded healthcare systems.  While we have seen the first non-US implementation in Canada, it is not yet clear when we will see a provincial gov’t step to paying for healthvaults for its citizens.   Just recently, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Siemens to roll out Healthvault in Germany


The article was light on details about revenue generation.  However, I think that this news shows that there is still strong interest in Healthvault and we will yet see large scale deployments that somehow support electronic exchange of data with publicly funded eHealth systems.



TELUS Health Space, powered by Microsoft HealthVault

I was reading a very recent press release from TELUS and their latest move (with MSFT) into the consumer eHealth market. What I found interesting from the article is that “TELUS is granted the exclusive license to host and operate the Healthvault platform for the development of a consumer-focused e-health service in Canada“. The article then goes on to explain that Canadians will be able to manage and store personal health info, and offer access to applications such as:

  • personal health record
  • chronic disease management
  • pediatric care
  • wellness products

Not surprisingly it appears that MSFT will provide the technology and the branded TELUS Health Space will act as the operator and securely host the infrastructure and health data. The service is going to be made available to the government and healthcare providers, who will then be encouraged to offer this to patients.

A very interesting model. What does anyone think? Is this a good thing for the consumer and all the other stakeholders involved?