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Healthvault strategy revisited

A post on a Microsoft Developer network blog points out that “In reality, there is no change in strategy – HealthVault is part of Microsoft overall business, but was never intended to ‘make a profit’ on it as a standalone product in the United States”. Rather, the post goes on to say:

HealthVault is an important  part, together with Amalga of Microsoft  end-to-end strategy for connecting care across the healthcare ecosystem. Together with other Microsoft solutions and partner solutions, it enables  integration of multiple sources of information and knowledge across the continuum of care … HealthVault in the US is Microsoft  “model home” for innovation in the ecosystem.

This view is consistent with Healthvault presentations that I have attended over the past few years.  Microsoft representatives were very clear that they did not see making a profit on Healthvault in the US.   I still find it interesting that they believe that they can generate a profit offering Healtvault in publicly funded healthcare systems but not in the home of “user pay” healthcare.  Or, perhaps I am just being cynical 🙂



Microsoft Healthvault Not Profitable in the US

An article earlier this week in the Financial Times states that “Microsoft has abandoned efforts to make profits in the US out of its Healthvault cloud computing system“.  Citing “complexity in the country’s health system“, Peter Neupert, corporate vice-president for health, says that the primary benefit to continued operation of Healthvault in the US is to “increase the brand relationship“.   Not only will Microsoft not charge US users  to use Healthvault, the company also committed to not attempt to generate revenue from advertising or other sources.

Microsoft is apparently still pursuing revenue generation opportunities in other countries in which Healthvault operates including Canada. Given Canada’s federated health system, with each province pursuing different priorities and approaches, will Microsoft and its Canadian partner, Telus, experience similar difficulties in achieving profitability?


eHealth Ontario Diabetes Registry Short List

eHealth Ontario has released the names of the three organizations short listed to compete for implementation of the Diabetes Registry.


The three companies are:

– CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.
– TELUS Health Solutions GP
– xwave, a Division of Bell Aliant Regional Communications, LP

Good to see eHealth Ontario moving forward on the Ontario eHealth strategy.


eHealth 2009

It has been a little while since Mark and I last posted.  One of the challenges of having a “day job” when you publish a blog is balancing the various demands on your time with making time for regular blog posts.  One of the activities keeping us both busy at the moment  is getting ready for the annual eHealth conference hosted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and COACH, Canada’s health informatics association.  Both Mark and I will be attending and we anticipate that there will be several noteworthy announcements at the conference on which we can offer comments and background information. 

Will you be attending the eHealth conference?  If so, please take a few minutes to post your observations and join us in our analysis of annoucements and presentations at the confernece.  I’m very interested to see how Telus will promote their recent Healthvault announcement and whether vendors will unveil their plans for Healthvault-enabled applications.  Personal eHealth is getting considerable attention in various jurisdictions across the country and I hope to learn more about personal eHealth will move into the mainstream of Canadian eHealth.

I am also looking forward to the “Great Debate”, an perennial favourite at the eHealth conference.  Has anybody heard what topic will be debated this year?

Mark, how about you?  What do you think will be the big news at eHealth?  Are there any sessions that you plan to attend?

TELUS Health Space, powered by Microsoft HealthVault

I was reading a very recent press release from TELUS and their latest move (with MSFT) into the consumer eHealth market. What I found interesting from the article is that “TELUS is granted the exclusive license to host and operate the Healthvault platform for the development of a consumer-focused e-health service in Canada“. The article then goes on to explain that Canadians will be able to manage and store personal health info, and offer access to applications such as:

  • personal health record
  • chronic disease management
  • pediatric care
  • wellness products

Not surprisingly it appears that MSFT will provide the technology and the branded TELUS Health Space will act as the operator and securely host the infrastructure and health data. The service is going to be made available to the government and healthcare providers, who will then be encouraged to offer this to patients.

A very interesting model. What does anyone think? Is this a good thing for the consumer and all the other stakeholders involved?